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  • Not knowing how to handle Visual Comprehension.
  • Cannot score in summary-writing.
  • Scoring badly for Narrative Writing, and not knowing how to write a convincing Argumentative Essay.
  • Unsure of the different formats for Formal Letters, Reports, Newspaper Articles and Speeches.
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Principal Teacher
Ms Lavanya
  • Constant Exposure to the formats of Functional Writing.
  • We expect students to score an A here to help lift up the marks for Paper 1 of the English paper.
  • Constant class discussions on different social issues and presenting them into an argumentative form of an essay.
E MATHS pre-primary preparation
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  • For most students, the key areas of weakness would be understanding the concepts, ability to apply the key concepts to mathematical problems and to present them properly in mathematical form. There is also a tendency to over-compartmentalize the topics.
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public-speaking workshops
Principal Teacher
Ms Chia
  • Help the students understand the concepts taught by explaining the basic concepts, show worked examples, have class practice and quizzes. Students learn how to apply the concepts to mathematical problems and how to present them properly as a complete solution. Emphasize need to cross apply knowledge from different topics to answer the questions.
A MATHS science experiments
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  • In A-Maths, it may be difficult for most students to be able to appreciate the learning of the subject and fully understand the abstract concepts embedded in the chapters.
  • Some students may not be confident in their solutions, which may cause them To need more time to finish their papers.
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science workshop
Principal Teacher
Mr Andres Lim
  • It will be useful for the students to be able to relate to the subject by making use of the applications in the real world context. Positive support and constructive feedback is also given to the student to gain confidence and grow holistically.
  • This will also prepare the students for the future by equipping them with the necessary 21st century competencies.
SCIENCE secondary tuition centre
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  • Know the theory but can’t apply the concepts.
  • Problem Chem chapters : Acids, Alkalis and Bases QA, Redox, Mole concept, Alkanes and Alkenes.
  • Problematic Physics issues: Not knowing how to apply formulae to Calculations, Electricity, Kinematics and Dynamics.
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Principal Teacher
Mr Louis
  • Clear and concise instruction on the theory behind concepts.
  • Constant exposure to different kinds of questions that tests application of concepts.
  • Showing students clips on related Physics and Chemistry Experiments to foster interest as well as see concepts in real life situations.
CHINESE 华文 tuition
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  • 华文早教学前班N2-K2
  • 小学高级/普通华文班P1-P6
  • 小学趣味作文班P1-P6
  • 小学技巧口试班P1-P6
  • 中学高级/快捷班S1-S5
  • 中学学术/普通工艺进级班S1-S5
  • 中学华文技巧作文/技巧口试班S1-S5
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刘研老师 Ms Liu Yan
  • 在新加坡从事专业补习超过12年时间。丰富的教学经验,让她在短时间内找出学生的弱点以自创有效的方法帮助学生克服在学华文时的难点。让您的孩子华文先拿到“A”,是刘老师的教学原则,刘老师的教学方法受到K1--JC2所有学生的喜爱。与学生的亲和力也让刘老师帮助家长解决了很多学生在叛逆期内出现的一些问题。学生在学习华文时所遇到的困难都有刘老师想办法为你解决,学生从而提升自信。让你遇到华文最好的自己。
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朱老师 Mr choo
  • 业华语主持人,与新传媒各大主持人有合作经验。能以自己独到的新闻观点教授中小学生口试。朱老师的学生屡次获得新加坡各大比赛的冠军
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周老师 Ms Zhou
  • 专业从事华文教育将近二十年。从听,说,读、写,全方面提高学习高级华文学生的华语表达和思维能力。熟知各大名校的教授流程。让高级华文也是“A”,我们帮你做到。