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H2 CHEMISTRY holiday workshop
holiday workshops
  • Remembering the definitions of the many physical quantities taught in Stoichiometry, Chemical Energetics and others such as “order of reaction” and “solubility product”.
  • Grasping and using the correct concepts in answering questions in Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding.
  • Interpreting graphs and data for Reaction Kinetics and constructing energy cycles (including the Born-Haber cycle) for Chemical Energetics.
  • Understanding reaction mechanisms and answering structural elucidation questions in Organic Chemistry.
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Principal Teacher
Andres Lim
  • Dissecting the definitions and relating them to the corresponding expression to understand why they are defined as such.
  • Relating the scientific concepts to simple, commonsensical examples so that student understand the nature of chemistry and learn to tell if they are answering the questions correctly.
  • Taking the mathematical approach in interpreting the graphs (Reaction Kinetics) and imparting techniques in constructing general energy cycles and deconstructing the Born Haber cycle (Chemical Energetics).
  • Teaching general truths about organic chemistry and analyzing reaction mechanisms in terms of a nucleophile attacking an electrophile, and also identifying types of reactions based on the given reagents and conditions to predict the conversation of one functional group to another.
H2 Economics iq eq tuition centre
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  • This class will be conducted by a current teacher teaching IB and undergrad Economics. For Economics students, many are able to understand the underlying principles but they do not know how to apply them in answering questions, and also do not know how to give empirical examples to back up their answers.
  • So the teacher besides going through the principles, will help the students to relate it to real world situations like the US-China trade war and Brexit so that they can see how what they have learnt actually plays out in real life. Besides making Economics more interesting this way, they learn to apply their knowledge in everyday events that are happening.