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Pure Biology chinese tuition centre for secondary school
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  • This is taken at the Sec 3/4 levels, and usually students have difficult organizing information as the terms are very technical in nature, along with understanding the complex nature of biological functions.
  • Our teachers will provide detailed notes to make the learning process more structured, while teaching students to answer questions in a coherent manner that properly describes what is going on in the bodily processes.
Malay chinese tuition in tampines
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Principal Teacher
Mr Jamal
  • Mr Jamal, MOE-trained Malay Teacher has been teaching Malay as a Second Language for more than 10 years. He works well with students helping them with their answering techniques when handling comprehension passages, and also with their Creative Writing. His patience and amiable disposition makes him approachable and well liked by students
Social Studies/ History/ Geography english tuition
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  • It is important for students to do well for their Humanities (SS/History/Geography) as the it is taken into account in their L1R5 score for admission into junior colleges.
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Principal Teacher
Ms Siti
  • Many parents and students have the wrong assumption that these subjects are a mere matter of memorizing the facts and regurgitating them out during exams. The key to doing well for these subjects, besides knowing the facts, is about understanding the specific needs of the questions and answering them pointedly. Too often students write an entire page for an answer but yet miss out what the question really wants and ends up barely passing when a one-third page answer would have gotten full marks.
  • Our Humanities teachers focus on the techniques of answering. They also provide lots of notes that are needed (esp SS) to help the students give empirical examples to support their answers.