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H1 General Paper maths and english tuition
maths tuition centre
  • This class is conducted by a RJC ex-lecturer and is meant to help students develop critical thinking. Apart from helping students to cope with their comprehension and paraphrasing skills, he will get the students to read widely and think deeply on different issues; from socio-political to technological developments to the arts. He will also provide a lot of notes for students to read and set aside as their “arsenal” when writing essays so that they have sources to cite to back up their writing.
H1 Chinese maths tuition centre tampines
maths tuition classes
  • This class is conducted by our centre co-founder, Ms Liu Yan and Ms Zhou, our Senior Teacher for Chinese.
  • Together they will help the students handle their H1 Chinese. For most students, this subject would be a mere extension of their O levels Chinese as the paper essentially is the same. However, they are expected to exercise greater maturity of thought in their essay-writing. So the teachers will help the students to better express themselves in language more befitting of a JC level student.
H2 Maths maths tutor singapore
pasir ris tuition
  • The classes will be conducted by current school teachers or ex-JC lecturers.
  • The focus of these small group classes is to make complex concepts simple so that it is easier for students to grasp them. The 1:4 teacher-student ratio also means that there is much personal coaching and students can easily ask for clarification whenever needed. Teachers will also put emphasis on application of knowledge, so students can be assured they are thoroughly clear of their syllabus.
H2 Physics  pre-primary preparation
primary tuition
Principal Teacher
Mr Cornelius
  • Using detailed observations and worked examples to help students construct a working model of Physics.
  • Problem solving techniques in the context of real life applications are taught simultaneously.
  • Using mathematical modelling to precisely understand Physics concepts and word equations to explain principles behind phenomenon.
  • Use of analogies, worksheets and concept maps to deepen understanding and link various topics.